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The Writers' Croft has ended. Many thanks to all Crofters.
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What is the The Writers’ Croft?


It’s a home to writing circles, small groups of people who have chosen both to learn more about writing, and to support and encourage each other through that process. When you join The Writers’ Croft, you become part of a writers’ circle with whom you share supportive feedback, try out a wide range of proven ways of strengthening writing, and receive insights and suggestions from an experienced teacher.

The Writers’ Croft offers 11 week courses in the fall and 13 week courses in the spring, run through an online discussion board. Each week, you’ll write and post a piece of your writing on whatever topic and in whatever style you choose. You work with general suggestions on how to make writing more powerful, you’ll share a collective warmup exercise, and you’ll give and receive the kind of feedback you request.

Select a topic at left to learn the details of how The Writers’ Croft works; to find out about Peter Marmorek, who created this program and guides people through it; to see answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs); to join The Writers’ Croft; to login and move to the discussion area (if you have already joined); or to send an email to Peter.

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